EuroGT phenomena

The EuroGT is a ongoing social event. For years dedicated players from all over Europe had met to have a weekend of fun.

 Main goal of the EuroGT (which does not stand for Grand Tournament but for Get together) is to meet new and old friends, have nice and relaxed games and enjoy the company of fellow gamers.

 Beware that the EuroGt is not a competetive event so all of you who like to win at all cost, who think that winning a tourney is really important, are definitely wrong here. 

The most important thing at an EuroGt is, besides the meeting of dedicated players, probably the food and the drinks.

According to that spirit we reserve us the right to return all armylists which are too competetive.

There are plenty of tourneys for hard core gamers so the EuoGT is and always will be a fluff orientated empire format tournament where troop play is enhanced.

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