Sia's announces EuroGT XVI

EuroGT XVI will take place in Austria, from the 12-14th March.
Location will be the H20 Spa in Sebersdorf Styria.

What this means for you. Obviously we have a complete new location where you should bring in your family, finance, GF, whatever. We have extremely nice fees for the Hotel and the Spa as well. We are aiming for at least 4 Systems if not 5. The rules concerning the metagame WILL stay the same. There might be changes in armycomp in WHFB and there will be probably 2 new systems. Uncharted seas (Naval combat) and warmachine/hordes

If you want to check the spa:

Rooms will be at 50€ per night INCLUDING Breakfest Dinner AND Spa. There is an "adult only" recreation part which has to be paid seperately.
Kids pay even less up to 4 years 12€ from 5-14 35€

PLEASE be aware I need RESERVATIONS for the event at least 4 weeks prior to the event.And yes the tourney has to prepaid.

I WILL organize transport from the Airport if wished. I am not yet sure if there is the possibility to have a 4* dinner as usual because the H20 spa is a resort mainly for young families but I will try.
Fee for the tourney will be arond 35 € TShirts around 12-15. I will check about the Dinner.

I know times are rough BUT this will be my last and I want to see all of you.

I will start registration as soon as we have a suitable registration site up an running. BUT if you are sure to can register directly by sending me an email.

Rules will be on the HP in some weeks.

We do have around 40 rooms and that may sound a lot BUT a lot of locals indicated that they WILL come with family so please register ASAP.