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The EuroGT is a ongoing social event. For years dedicated players from all over Europe had met to have a weekend of fun.

Main goal of the EuroGT (which does not stand for Grand Tournament but for Get together) is to meet new and old friends, have nice and relaxed games and enjoy the company of fellow gamers.

Beware that the EuroGt is not a competetive event so all of you who like to win at all cost, who think that winning a tourney is really important, are definitely wrong here.

The most important thing at an EuroGt is, besides the meeting of dedicated players, probably the food and the drinks.

According to that spirit we reserve us the right to return all armylists which are too competetive.

There are plenty of tourneys for hard core gamers so the EuoGT is and always will be a fluff orientated empire format tournament where troop play is enhanced.

Empire format means two things.

First, you and fellow players form a team to conquer the world (as it is known) and secondly we combine all three fantasy systems, WHFB MH and WM, of GW to one event.

The simplified Metagame we use in Nottingham will be it.

The basic order rules set stays the same event most of the missions will stay the same BUT we will change some missions a little bit. We found out that some missions were not belanced enough for some armies, others too easily won. So look out for these.


For all of you who are new to the EuroGT we would like to explain some definitons.


The tournament crew running the event. Concerning rules their word is final. OPS are responsible for creating battles, a nice storyline and sometimes to equalize things a little bit. Only team captains are allowed to communicate with OPS. Well we still will try to explain everything to all of you if time permits it.


A team of players from different systems.

Actually this means that we group players together with “good” or “evil” armies. Note please that there will be a good mix of armies playing together. So we will not see any more pure orc empires.


At the beginning of the tournament every empire elects a leader. He is responsible for communication with OPS. Essentially he is responsible for presenting orders to OPS as well as using the resources of his empires.

Grand Vezir(well this idea is still borrowed from Wayne :))

The XO of the captain. He is the one who CAN run the empire when the captain is busy BUT final orders only ever come from the captain.

Mercenaries (only optional)

Well these Dogs of War are for hire. You pay them with your resources You have to decide how to use the mercs.. Burning down a town or increase your defences- it is your decision. BTW it is NOT possible for mercs to turn coat during a battle.


The hands and feet of OPS. These guys will help to keep the system running. Playing vs the odd player or generating a little nasty surprise for you if you are to overconfident. The hands and feet of OPS.

The Map

The World as it is known. Represented by Mighty Empire tiles.


Represents the information you have gathered. This is essential for your strategic moves. It is a kind of currency. You need intel to perform Orders.


You need orders for each player (army) your empire commands.

If you fail to give orders in the Order segment (called Order phase OP) your armies will be given automatically default orders by OPS which are Barrack.



For every tile you conquered you get Vps. The Empire with the most Treasures wins the campaing. Sometimes a Treasure might become a magic item or even information. OPS will determine if there are additional boni for conquering a tile.

The Story

Well we are back in the old days were no ancient army marched upon the soil of the earth and is the mights Artifacts again. It is the central objective where the game might be decided. (so nothing new here either)


Furthermore the Artefacts grant advantages of great military prowess.

  1. add +1 to all your rolls who starts the game OR

  2. add 10 x D6 points to all of your WM(A) + WHFB armies or one free henchmen for MH, +1 additional MOW Card or

  3. gain D6 intel

Furthermore you find following special locations each for one Empire. Remember all these have to be activated and are starting the campaing inert. Only MH warbands can activate your Special location. Once activated they

can´t be deactivated by MH warbands. But of course they can be conquered.

The Naval Academy of Nurlat

Counts as Harbour; you can launch your attacks from there against hostile territories.Yes count as additional town.

The Dread Towers of Narbondel

Once a battle the Swordmaster of Narbondel inspires the troops to do their best. You can re-roll on complete Hth or Shooting phase of one unit once per battle.

The Lightning Temples of Sarcand

The ancient temple of the Lightning God. WHFB players add one dice to their magic pool (offensive and defensive) each round. WM-players may re-roll one spell per game.

The University of Kaloumbor

The home of wisdom. You gain D3 Intel per turn.


The EuroGT is divided in Battle phases and Order phases.

Each Battle phase lasts 60 minutes. Two Battle phases form a Battle round.

A normal Battle lasts 120 minutes.

Order Phase

Battle Phase

Battle Phase

Next Order phase etc

30 min

60 min

60 min


During the Order phase you have to order your troops. If you fail to do so we will put them on default orders.

After the Order Phase OPS processes your orders to match opponents from different empires according to their orders. Our main aim is that everybody plays, except he doesn´t want to.

Each empires starts with 12 hexes. On these hexes you will find 2 castles, 4 towns one watchtower and 1 harbour and of course your capital. If you lose your capital, and have not relocated it to one of your other cities , your empire becomes part of the empire which army has conquered your capital. If more than one enemy has conquered your capital the “we are bigger rule” (means WM is in this case more powerful than WHFB)comes in place. If both armies have the same “size” the dice decides. I


The heart of your Kingdom. Well protected. If attacked always counts as defended and the defender is allowed to play two defensive obstacle within the defenders deployment zone. Defender sets up after the attacker has placed all his troops and decided who goes first. At the begin of a Battleround you are allowed to relocate your capital to another of your towns. Towns are your “fallbacklocations” to avoid early elimination from the tournament.


Defensive positions. If attacked always counts as defended and defender is allowed to place one defensive obstruction within the defenders deployment zone. Defender sets up after the attacker has placed all his troops and decided who goes first.If you conquer a castle one of your units becomes immune against terror(only for actual conquering army)


Your population centers. Your fallback for your governement in case your capital is conquered. If you conquer a town you additionally gain to the 1 VP per tile D6 x 10 additional troops (conquering army only) Alternatively you gain 1 Magic item worth up to 30 points.


Heart of your espionage services. Euphemistically called Intelligence center. Produces intel. Note the watchtower is not a building but an organisation. So you can move the watchtower once per BR. If the tile is conquered you lose your spies and your ability to produce intel for D3 rounds(yep this IS hard). If the tile is raided you need to relocate to another tile which means you gain only half Intel this round. Produces Dx Intel.


Important: does not count as a town.(exception:Naval acadamy of Nurlat)As long as you posess Harbours your fleets can raid enemy tiles along rivers and the sea. You can attack all tilex except capital tile(only MOW).

Harbours counts as castles against land attacks and have the advantages of a capital against seaborne attacks means they are a hard nut to crack. If you lose your harbour you are restricted to raids only with your fleets. Note: Harbour conts as intell producing as long as there are MOW fleets.

How to win the Tournament







Largest Empire

10 VP

8 VP




Central Tile/5 VP per hex






Most Wyrdstone

6 VP

5 VP

4 VP



Important Note:

The „we are bigger rules“. Means that a victory of a WM army is always considered to be more important (due to the size of the armies) and are considered BEFORE WHFB results. So if you compete for the same hex the WM army will get the first pick. In Case of a WMA vs WM victory the dice will decide. Nevertheless the smaller (or more unlucky army) will still receive Vps and a tile.(2 tiles in the case of an exploration)

Uncharted Seas>Warmaster>WHFB>Wa/ho>MH


The Orders

Orders have to be given to ALL armies. If you forego to do so OPS will put you on barrack orders as default order.

Orders have to be given to OPS. We will provide Ordersheets which have to be filled out.

All nonreadable Orders result in default orders.

Before giving orders the captains are derterming the Initiative of their empire.

This is necessary if there are several attacks on the same tile. Highest initative goes first and gets the first pick.

choose one of the following for each army

Agressive Orders:



Your army attacks an enemy tile- For that you have to deplete your defences and scout your enemy before attack. To do so you have to have contact to the enemy empire.

If you want to conquer the Artifacts Attack Orders are neccessary.

Intel: 3

Stake: ONE tile. The staked tile has to be noted down and has to be adjacent to the attacked tile.

Win: You gain the attacked tile(1 VP).Existing Castles &Watchtowers are destroyed on a 4+. Conquered towns and harbours are added to your empire.

Lose: the staked tile counts as raided / or all bildings couint as destroyed

Draw; Both tiles count as raided


Your army raids an enemy county. You take your fastest troops to reduce the efficiancy of your opponents economy. Destroy one Hex. This takes out the hex for the rest of the game OR destroy a town/castle or capital situated on the tile furthermore no VPS can be claimed from this tile . Onyl basic tiles(no Ur tiles, no special location, no abdandonded ruins) can be raided. Contact is required for a raid.The only possibilty to repair a raided tile/building is by barracking an army.

Intel: 2


Win: You raid the attacked tile (not any tile) ; this tile is a barren waste, and is destroyed.

Lose: 0


Explore: You find new lands

Intel: 2


Win: get 2 new tiles (1VP per tile on a +4)

Draw: 1 each

Lose. 0


You irrigate your land build cities etc

Intel: 0


Repair one razed tile or gain/repair a castle/town.

Pay 2 Intel to switch to defend.

Defensive Orders:


You defend your home


Stake: none

Win: you beat back the attacker gain 1 VP on a 4+

Lose: You lose the defended tile.

Mission to be played








King of the Hill



Defend your Home



Hold and Secure






Pitched Battle



Defend your Home