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Uncharted Sea rules

Uncharted Seas


500/750 pts of available Fleets. All conventional rulebooks apply. New rules from the Spartan Games HP can be used. Maximum of one Battleship/Battlecruiser per 500 pts. Due to the swiftness of new rules from Spartan Games we will have to adapt the rules in the next 5 month.



Missions to be played

Pitched battle as in the RB


Defend your Home (spec Harbour)

Note that an attack against a normal tile results in a Defend your Home scenario. The defender is aware of your plans to conquer his soil. So he activates his fleet to intercept you and lays out a trap.

Attacker sets up first. Defender choose who goes first.

Harbour special scenario.

Whenever you attack an harbour the defender is awarded 2 shoreforts additonally to his fleet. Shoreforts are used as additional squadrons of your fleet.

Shoreforts: DR4 CR7 Crew 8 Hull 4

R1 8 R2 7 R3 6 R4 5

King of the Hill (island)

Both attacking fleets are racing for the objective. Central lies an island which contain very important miltary secrets of the opponent. Whoever gains this information will easily conquer the adjacent lands.

Place an island in the middle of the tabe. Whenever one of your ships is within one inch of the island you can anchor and send landing parties to the island. If the ship is attacked while anchored you will lack the crew to defend it.

In the end phase roll a dice.

  1. Trap. Your crew is slaughtered by the militia

  2. 2-4 nothing found try next round

  3. 5-6 information found.

Once the information has been found return the landing party to their ship during the next movement phase. Place a treasure marker on this ship. Whoever controls the treasure marker at the end of the game gains 10 VP

When both fleets have landing parties onn the island a battle ensues.

Use Boarding Rules as in the Basic rules. Flyers can´t look for treasures.

Hold and Secure

Both raiding fleets meet. Due to the nature of their military goal both are near the coastline. All Quadrants use the maximum amount of terrain.


Attacker tries to destroy as many objective as posible.

OPS places 3 Objectives in the defender deploymentzone of the defender. These represent small villages, magazines or other vital hardware.

Each of these objectives has DR4 CR 6 Hull 4. Alternatively boarding actions can be done against these objectives. The inhabitants count as 5 crew counters