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Warmaster Rules

Warmaster Army Composition

You need 2 banners in your list

1st banner – core army to 1600 pts – using 2000 min maxes

2nd banner – 400 pts each – that when combined with the 1st banner conforms to the 2000pt min max. You are allowed +/- 10pts leeway over each banner but the combined total must be 2000pts or less.

This allows armies of 1600 and 2000pts to be deployed agree with your opponent wich pointvalues you want to play with (1600 default).

Edition 2.2 armies are to be used

A Maximum of 50 points of magic items can be taken.

In the case that you get MI during the event the maximum is 100 pts.

Missions to be played:

Pitched battle

Pitched battle.

King of the Hill

1. Dice for sides

2. Deploy 80 cm away from each othe

3. place a central Hill in the middle of the table. 40 cm left and right additional two objectives.

You control the objective if one unit is touching and not in combat and has at least 2 stands.

Each objective is worth 250 Vps.

Hold and secure:

1.Dice for sides

2.Take it in turns to place objectives each on the table outside of your own deployment zone – each objective piece must be 30cm away from all other objective and no closer than 20cm to your own deployment area. They are worth 250vps at the end of the game if held by non-flying troops and not disputed by any enemy. Troops must be in contact with the objective to claim it.



Use 1600pts and 2 objective each

use 2000pts and 3 objective each – army deployment separation is 70cm.

Defend your Home

1.Dice for sides.OPS deploys 3 objectives in the defenders deployment zone.Note: In case of a capital/castle these objectives can be fortified etc

2. Defender deploys first his complete army. Attacker has first turn.Note: In case of capital/castle this is NOT the case.

3. You control the objective if one unit is touching and not in combat and has at least 2 stands.

Each objektive is worth 150 pts.

Note: In Case of a castle or capital the defender is allowed to set up1 (2) additional defensive positions or exchange up to 1(2) objectives with fortifications.



  1. Dice for sides. OPS set up 3 punder markers in the neutral area.

  2. Attacker moves first

  3. Plunder markers can be transported by Infantry and cavalry.To do this you must order them to do so.

  4. Each controlled Plunder Marker gains 250 VP.

  5. You controll the marker if you have 2 stands in the unit.

  6. Note: you CAN move plunder markers with only one stand